Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 Recap

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Wow, what a great experience! I just got back from Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) that was held in Orlando, Florida. Although I have attended Microsoft events as a Microsoft Employee, this was my first event since being hired with Rockton Software. I have to say, I was very excited to be there and came away from this event even more thrilled about the future of Rockton Connect.
I’ll begin with the uplifting keynote (picture the room filled with Partners from all over the world, with music and entertainment to heighten the experience). After an introduction, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO came on stage to talk about our journey together, our mission and strategy, and the ambition we share for ourselves and for our customers. There were amazing demonstrations on GigJam showing how quickly you can pick and choose information to share with others on multiple devices. Oh and have you met Cortana Analytics yet? Amazing! Just ask Cortana a question or give her a command and before you know it, the information is right in front of you. We were also treated to a live demonstration of the Hololens, where we could see how this technology is changing the future for many industries, such as Engineering and Health, giving users a 3D experience interacting with their product.


They shared and demonstrated some exciting news about Windows 10. The desktop experience for the end user is going back to a more familiar look and feel. Rather than navigating to the desktop, which most users use, it will be front and center when you turn on your computer. For those that like the task bar and menu--it will be there at the start button.

WPC Recap - Picture 1


After the keynote, we headed to the expo! This was our first time exhibiting at a Worldwide Partner Conference. On the expo floor, there were artists, race cars, and even an Airstream trailer.

WPC Recap - Picture 2
During the expo, we had many Microsoft Employees stop by and visit with us. They were eager to hear about Rockton Connect and connect us with future Partners who sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In addition, many Partners, from all over the world, stopped by to see Rockton Connect in action. We had some amazing conversations, and I heard more than once that having an accounting inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a brilliant idea.
For more information on Rockton Connect, attend an upcoming webinar: August 4th at 7AM MDT or August 4th at 2PM MDT. If you can't attend at one of those times, sign up anyway and we will send you the recording post webinar!


Written By Sheila Ochoa, Technical Sales Team lead at Rockton Software.

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