US Companies Can Save 30% on Their CRM Projects

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Who wouldn't want to save 30% on their CRM projects?

The Canadian dollar is at levels we have not seen in some time. So why are companies in the United States still using local Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners when they can save at least 30% by going north?

Canadian CRM, eh?

With the Canadian dollar being so much lower than the American currency right now, how could anyone pass up this opportunity to receive support at almost half the price? Hollywood has got the money saving game won. Many big-name blockbuster hits have been filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada simply because it is cheaper than filming in American destinations such as New York City. Total Recall, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four (2005), the Santa Clause, RED, Pacific Rim, and hundreds more of the most popular movies in Hollywood were filmed right here in Toronto (Nicknamed Hollywood North).

What this means for American companies who have a CRM project is:

  • Implementation services purchased from a Canadian partner should be at 20% to 30% less than in the United States for a comparable project
  • Possible tax benefits
  • Canadian partners like CRMD have deep bench strength and tend to be more aggressive on price beyond merely currency exchange

Many Companies are looking at CRM systems to boost revenues and gain control over their sales & marketing and customer support processes. CRM implementations can be expensive, especially if you are looking at anything greater than basic functionality.  When the currency exchange rate favors Canadian consumers, they travel to Pennsylvania and other US destinations for Black Friday to save on merchandise. These days, American companies can look to Canada for CRM solutions at a more economical price. By taking advantage of this opportunity right now and partnering with Canadian CRM companies instead of ones based in the United States, you can increase your sales while saving a bundle.

CRM Dynamics LTD. is a Gold certified Microsoft Dynamics partner with over 20 years of CRM experience.  CRMD is located just outside Toronto and manages CRM projects all over the world.

Rob is the VP of sales and marketing for CRM Dynamics Ltd.  He writes on topics related to sales acceleration and CRM.

Contact Rob at:  @robtriggs or

by CRM Dynamics, Ltd.

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