Six Customer Portal Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics Customers

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Meet YOUR customer demand with quick responses to problems/cases/orders

More and more people expect immediate responses from businesses. They want to have access to account/product information, anytime, anywhere. It's the culture we live in. We are all accustomed to immediate gratification. If your business fails to provide ready-access information, your customers will leave for one that does. How do you deliver these self-service tools to your customers? Through a customer portal.

A customer portal integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps sales, service, and support teams better service and support its customers 24x7x365. It reduces the number of phone calls to a company's customer service center, saves time/money/resources, and improves the 'customer experience' by providing self-service tools and information.

Here are our TOP 6 Benefits of a Customer Portal:

  • Improve customer service - A portal helps customers know exactly where to go to find information and enter support cases.
  • Facilitate customer engagement - Improve engagement by empowering customers to interact with your company when and where it’s convenient for them.
  • Reduce labor cost - Free up your service center by providing an alternative source for customers to contact your business.
  • Prioritize critical customer needs - A workflow engine can also automatically alert your team about critical incidents.
  • Streamline service processes - Customers can view shipping statuses, track account information or access important documents on their own. This eliminates hassles for both you and your customer while fostering self-service.
  • Support your sales - Integrate CPQ software, such as guided selling, to enable self-service quoting, ordering and buying.

Stockholm City Parkering augmented its Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment by implementing the Powertrak Customer Portal. This mobile solution empowers the citizens of Stockholm to enter cases via phone, tablet or laptop, ensuring efficient interaction with citizens and support agents through a simple question/answer presentation. As a result, customer service representatives are now entering critical information with much more accuracy and responding quickly to service requests. Together, Powertrak Portal and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helps Stockholm City Parkering process and manage 4,000 cases each month.

Visit to see if a customer or partner portal is right for your business, or contact us by requesting information or a live demonstration.

By Axonom, The global Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Portal provider for Microsoft Dynamics customers

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