Pyrotek Achieves Global Sales Success with Dynamics CRM Online

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Hitachi Solutions is proud to have had our customer, Pyrotek Inc., featured in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Success Story. Pyrotek is a leading international company supplying aluminum, foundry, glass, zinc, steel, noise control and hearth customers with performance improving technical products, integrated processing systems and consulting services worldwide.

As the Pyrotek sales organization rapidly grew to more than 400 people, it became increasingly difficult for account managers, sales engineers, and managers to access real-time data about customers and accounts. The company’s sprawling systems now encompassed eight isolated Lotus Notes implementations, which tracked activities for team members in more than 30 countries and 10 manufacturing locations worldwide. As a result, Pyrotek personnel had navigate across different applications, place multiple phone calls, or initiate lengthy email threads to track customer orders, analyze sales pipelines, and compare actual sales to forecasts.

"We contended with database silos as well as data saved on individual laptops," says Andy Maxwell, Pyrotek Director of IS. “Our sales team could not always provide immediate responses to customers inquiring about their orders, and our management team sometimes found it difficult to run sales activity reports and to identify sales situations that required escalation.”

Click here to read more on the Hitachi Solutions website or you can also find it on the Microsoft Customer Stories website here.

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