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You Need Mobile CRM - there is no doubt about that.  But when considering mobile CRM options for Dynamics CRM, which is best for your organization?  When I say organization, I am referring to the actual individuals in the field.  The 2 most popular options are Dynamics CRM Mobile (free) and Resco CRM Mobile ($200/user or $20/mo/user).  Depending on your needs, free isn't always better.  it is important to take a deep dive and explore the 5 W's.

  1. Who is using mobile CRM
  2. What do they need to do on their table or phone in CRM
  3. When is they using mobile CRM
  4. Where are they when accessing mobile CRM
  5. Why do they need mobile CRM

Mobile CRM Comparison

The blog post and comparison chart originally appeared on

Mobile CRM

There is a new comparison chart and review that was released this week.  You can go HERE to read the entire article but here are some highlights:

Microsoft’s mobile app for Dynamics CRM is great for people who occasionally need to remotely access the CRM database; Resco Mobile CRM remains the go-to tool for everyone who needs mobile access to CRM on a daily basis.

Microsoft takes the lead here....

  • Price – no additional costs as the applications are free of charge
  • Customer & partner base – it’s natural to go for a mobile application of the CRM provider
  • Reach – larger scale of promotional and personal reach
  • No additional customizing tools – all is done within the CRM itself and many alternations are automatically taken from the server

Resco takes the lead here....

  • Functionality – starting off with a lot more features and continuing this trend with 4 major updates each year
  • Experience with mobility – 16 years and counting has taught Resco a thing or two about designing applications specifically for mobile scenarios
  • Focus – Mobile CRM being the focal point of the company assures the continuous quality of the product
  • Flexibility – as a small vendor, Resco has the flexibility when it comes to fixing things as well as developing new features based on customer feedback (Resco’s CEO has written a separate post on this: Resco’s unfair advantage over Microsoft)
  • Support – known for quick response time and pro-active approach

This is a great chart that really gives you the information that you need to determine which mobile CRM is right for your business.

At 2B Solutions, we have been developing mobile apps since 2004.  We’re a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, RESCO Gold Partner and Apple Certified Developer.  With access to the RESCO source code, we take mobile CRM a step (or two) further!  We can brand the app for your business and really customize it to meet your unique business requirements.  We utilize our MDM (mobile device management) expertise to help customers manage the app/devices and our Apple partnership to allow customers to push the app through the Apple store.  Take the next step and contact us today!

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