Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference by the Numbers – 2015 Edition

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We always leave with a ton of great takeaways and announcements from Microsoft's WPC and this year was no different.

  • 0: number of sails in the new Dynamics logotype. From Monday’s keynote, it was noted that since “Microsoft is the lead brand on all content”, there shall be “no sails” in the logotype. Sail on…apple watch parature
  • 1: number of Apple Watches included in Dynamics demos at WPC this week (that I saw; I couldn’t see them all).This picture was from a Unified Customer Service session that included submitting a case via a Parature portal on an Apple Watch.
  • 1: number of iOs OneNote apps available. The iPad and iPhone app have been combined in the spirit of creating one universal app. This is important, notes Mary Jo Foley, because it highlights “Microsoft's goal with its universal iOS/Android and Universal Office apps for Windows is to reuse as much code as possible across the various platforms.”
  • Nearly 2: size of the Microsoft Dynamics business, in billions of dollars, according to Wayne Morris.
  • 4: number of items on my list of “Things the Outlook CRM Client can do that the CRM App for Outlook can’t do.” These include work offline, apply email templates, sort views, and create mail merge documents. The new CRM App for Outlook CAN run in the Outlook Web App, and it is available here in preview.outlook1
  • 11: on a scale from 1-10, how cool Project GigJam is. Almost impossible to explain in this list, other than to say it’s a collaboration platform that combines elements of Dynamics, O365, and pretty much any other application. And pretty much any device. You can watch it here or read more about it here. Good to see CRM and AX front and center during the main keynote with CEO Satya Nadella. GigJam really is one louder.
GigJam - it goes to 11.
  • 45: price in dollars, for adding CRM Online to an existing Office 365 Plan (E3 and E4)
  • 99.9: percent SLA associated with Azure IaaS when running CRM as a production workload. Microsoft announced this week that they are adding a self-hosted option for customers by delivering certification for Dynamics CRM On-Premises running in a Microsoft Azure environment.
  • 221: number of times millennials check their phone in a day. Interesting fun fact from Elliott Ichimura that highlights the importance of social insights and easy to adopt business systems.
  • 500,000 : unique users that helped shape the new Power BI. On July 24th Power BI Desktop and Power BI Business Analytics Service will exit preview and become generally available. Power BI Desktop is a free tool, downloadable from

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