Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne: A Beautiful Marriage for Customer-centric Field Service Management

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In the past decade we have seen a whole spectrum of customer-centric businesses realize the need for better, integrated field service management tools. Whether it be for on-site maintenance, repairs, installations, or contracted services, Field Service Management solutions are used by many different industries for many different reasons.

It came as no surprise to us when it was announced that Microsoft acquired FieldOne, an industry-leading provider of field service management solutions built to integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, on July 16, 2015. FieldOne builds an amazing product, and the acquisition displays great insight on Microsoft’s behalf.

The company's flagship product, FieldOne Sky, provides businesses with functionality like resource routing, personnel scheduling, dispatch management, inventory management and more. With seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne, this solution is the most complete, comprehensive Field Service Management solution on the market.

The acquisition of FieldOne complements Microsoft’s acquisition of Parature for customer service, which has since become a major component of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The new field service functionality is expected to follow suit, and at a time where an increasing number of field service companies are turning to technology to better manage their customer support.

As the Field Service market continues to shift from an older “break-fix” model to one that leverages predictive analytics in order to proactively identify and prevent problems from occurring, connected analytics and business intelligence will continue to play increasingly important roles in customer service solutions. FieldOne Sky provides rich reporting and data visualization features, making it a perfect addition to Microsoft’s line of business intelligence and analytics-oriented business solutions.

With this solution, customers gain the first comprehensive CRM fully optimized for Field Service organizations.

Benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne Acquisition:

  • Identify and take advantage of cross-sell and upsell opportunities with sales working in synchronization with field service
  • Gain the insight to predict and prevent issues in the field, rather than respond to them
  • Manage your field resources and workforce by availability, logistics, skill level, workload, automated scheduling and more
  • Track and manage field service needs in the same system used to track and manage customer sales and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Manage every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle for superior customer experiences
  • Exceed customer expectations with deep insights and intuitive tools
  • Shorten customer service cases for faster resolution times
  • Track performance measurement across your field workforce
  • Gain the analytics and KPIs to drive service quality improvements with confidence
  • Combine field service data with sales, marketing and customer service data to access deeper business intelligence
  • Integrate additional solutions to enhance functionality and drive operational excellence


Customers can take advantage of this solution today, as FieldOne Sky is built to integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Soon, users will enjoy this functionality as a core part of their solution. For a high level estimate of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, get a free Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote!

We have numerous clients utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the goal of providing superior customer services. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of this integrated solution, contact us or give us a call:

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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.

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