Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Easily Adapts to Support Specific Business Needs

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AKA Enterprise Solutions’ media team recently finished a project where we moved a publisher of specialized industry news and information – mostly insurance and legal works – off of and onto Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online. The publisher’s three main divisions were all using with mixed reviews. The system was not geared toward the media industry, resulting in low levels of adoption across departments making reporting needed by management inaccurate. Each division was using separate, expensive instances making it impossible to share data and collaborate.

AKA implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online with Microsoft Outlook integration for the sales and marketing teams along with our DynamicsADvantage CRM solution for media companies offering added functionality to handle media campaigns, ad sales automation and approval workflows, also fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

The company is now live with a single sales environment for all divisions, enabling data sharing and user collaboration. Because Dynamics CRM is part of the Microsoft stack, it fully integrates with Outlook, which is what the company was already using, so the new system was widely and quickly adopted across all divisions. Management is enjoying detailed levels of reporting because of the uptick in user adoption and the industry relevant data capture. Finally, with Dynamics CRM Online’s low cost of ownership compared to their previous system, they are saving 54% each year.

by AKA Enterprise Solutions

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