Microsoft CRM 2015 – Immersive Excel Experience?

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With the release of Microsoft CRM 2015, Microsoft has produced a lot of material about the new features and functionality in this version. As has been discussed before, this upgrade is quite a bit different than other upgrades and as such there is a lot of material discussing the new features

A rather neat feature that is being plugged by Microsoft in the Dynamics CRM 2015 Online update is an “Immersive Excel Experience”. It caught my eye – being a rather unusual and ambiguous phrase. But don’t let the odd phrase fool you – this a very useful feature. They probably should have called it “The Excel Feature you wish you had always had”

Back in versions 3.0 and 4.0 of Microsoft CRM, users would often ask us “Why can’t we export data out of Microsoft CRM, work the numbers in Excel, and easily re-import it?” It was a fair question to ask, and a great source of frustration that such an export was not possible. Finally, in version 2011, you did have the ability export to Excel and re-import changes…..but not exactly. While the data could be exported to Excel, it in fact was in an xml format. There was data in the background of the sheet, and if you were not careful in Excel, you could easily remove or change a field that would make it impossible to re-import the data. To the casual user, that meant it was going to be a complicated task – if not impossible.

Now with version 2015 – users will have the easy ability they have always wanted. Export data to Excel, do analysis, make changes, re-import. No need to be an xml guru, no need to involve IT resources. Simple, easy, done.

So remember – the next time you hear “Immersive Excel Experience”, just remember, you are going to like it.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Microsoft CRM partner serving Delaware

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