Connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Dynamics GP for Sales Order Integration

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A major struggle we hear from many of our clients is the lack of integration between their business systems. They must continually enter their customer or member data in multiple places, and there is an inherent paper trail that is created when items such as sales orders are placed.

What many organizations don’t know is that Microsoft has a connector that allows companies to integrate sales data from Dynamics CRM into Dynamics GP. Prior to this, GP users needed to use expensive 3rd-party integration tools. Now, organizations can get a real-time view of sales order and invoice information, and those numerous Excel reports will begin to disappear.

There are several integrations and connectors available to Microsoft Dynamics GP users but many of them only offer a one-way flow of data. The sales order integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP is a two-way flow of data, so regardless of which system you are using, you’re always looking at real-time information.

We posted a 4-minute video on our website that shows how the CRM to GP integration works. Contact BroadPoint Technologies, a leading business consulting firm offering ERP, CRM and membership management solutions, if you’re interested in integrating your business systems. We’ll schedule a complimentary business requirements assessment to find the solution that fits your business.

by BroadPoint Technologies

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