7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Business with Your Smartphone

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Do you have a Smartphone? Of course you do. Smartphones have become a necessary tool in the pockets of people around the world. In addition to being the linchpin of social media, from camera, datebook, flashlight, GPS, calculator, personal secretary and television to, of all things, a phone, we wonder how we ever got along without them.

Smartphones have also become indispensible in the business world. In many instances they are standard equipment for new hires and have even replaced laptop computers in some industries. Take for instance the construction industry. You’ll find smartphones on jobsites all over the world in the pockets or tool belts of workers across a spectrum of jobs. And that only makes sense as the construction industry is mainly a mobile workforce. Rarely is the real work of construction completed in an office at a desk. Work locations are often remote and project managers can’t be running back to their desks to access their project management software. Happily, they can now have that software integrated with mobile apps right on their smartphones.

Set up right, a dynamic mobile work environment achieves higher employee satisfaction, better client management and increased productivity.

Here are 7 examples of what you can achieve using your smartphone with its project management app, and all in under a minute from any location:

  1. Schedule a meeting invite while you grab a coffee.
  2. Check job progress while waiting for the elevator.
  3. Catch up on emails while waiting in line at a shop.
  4. Check incident and weather reports while waiting for appointments.
  5. Update site diaries and daily reports on the train.
  6. Oversee change requests and orders while you’re on the treadmill.
  7. Give team members access to RFIs, risks, issues and any other functions within seconds.

And that’s just a small sample. Many of you are already using your smartphones to accomplish numerous tasks or research various information throughout your work day, but using a mobile app integrated with your project management desktop solution removes the risk sometimes associated with workers using their own devices. Software such as IPM Project Management isolates business from personal tasks on employees’ smartphones and thus provides increased security, less duplication and a visible audit trail. IPM Project Management is built on a secure platform to protect your corporate data.

Your workday is already busy; now make sure it’s smart – by using your smartphone with the IPM Project Management App from IPM Global.

By IPM Global



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