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Elevance-CRM-Case-StudyIf you are exploring a CRM solution, either for the first time or to replace an antiquated system, part of your research process is to see what other companies are using (and if they using it successfully).

One company that had no previous experience with CRM was Elevance Renewable Science, Inc. Their research brought them to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and they knew it was the right solution for them to help pull together prospect information, track partnership opportunities, and compile and track trend information.

At that time, information was siloed in the personal systems of individual sales reps – outlook files, spreadsheets, sticky notes – whatever worked for that particular sales rep. But it wasn’t readily available to the broader organization to leverage, track, learn and profit from.

Elevance was rapidly accelerating its sales efforts so the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was a critical component and needed to be successful from the start and that included achieving high user adoption.

Ledgeview Partners’ CRM team quickly focused on core functionality that would create the kind of system that Elevance sales reps would actually ask to have access to. The goal was to release a first implementation that was so intuitive and focused, that it would encourage adoption and, ultimately, contribute directly to helping Elevance achieve its corporate-level objectives. Most notably, revenue growth.

Since rolling out Microsoft Dynamics CRM, user adoption remains high and new hires are amazed to learn how advanced the system is. But how does the IT team at Elevance feel? In the words of Kurt Conway, IT Operations Manager at Elevance, “The best thing about CRM is the impact I know it’s having on our organization.

…and Kurt was so pleased with Dynamics CRM and Ledgeview Partners that he wrote a song about it.

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Blog Post by Chad R. Collett
Director of Marketing
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