Microsoft CRM 2015 Upgrade – This One Will Be Different

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As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customer, you get inundated with e-mails from Microsoft about your software. There are notices about usage, up time, promotions, events coming up as well as tips on how to better use your solution. It therefore can be easy to start to tune out some of these messages. But when it comes to the notices about your CRM Online update to version 2015, please pay close attention. Even if you have been using CRM Online for years, this update will be different than the ones before.

Microsoft has made many updates to the look and feel of Microsoft CRM to address some concerns users had about functionality in version 2013. This will be a large positive. But with that comes the reality that the user interface will change. That means customizations and screen configurations need to be tested ahead of time to make sure they will work properly after the upgrade. There are also some significant changes to the way CRM will render, which means it will cache differently than before. Depending on how you use CRM, you may need to work with web developers and IT staff to ensure a smooth transition.

None of this should be cause for alarm. With proper planning, any potential issues can easily be addressed. Microsoft has released a validation tool that can identify any problems ahead of time, and give you a map of what to do, should there be anything to address.

To learn more about what this update means and how you can prepare, Intellitec Solutions will be hosting 2 one hour webinars July 8th and July 14th. For more information on the Microsoft CRM 2015 update or to register for the webinar, please visit Intellitec Solutions

By Intellitec Solutions, a Microsoft CRM partner serving Delaware

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