The Inside Scoop on Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trounces

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are the two leading CRM systems on the market. Much has been made about which one is better and why. I have always found that if you perform a fair and honest assessment of competing products, the answer usually becomes pretty clear as to which one is the right choice.

When looking at these two CRM heavyweights, there are several criteria that make sense to compare. Here are some that we have found to be most relevant:

• Total Business Solution
• User Adoption
• Service Level Agreements
• Deployment Choice
• Cost
• Mobility
• Community

The most interesting aspect of this comparison is when looking at the total business solution that each product delivers. For this, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has an amazing story to tell. The comprehensive productivity solution that Dynamics CRM delivers, in concert with Office 365, Yammer and Power BI, is one that Salesforce has no answer for.

BroadPoint is hosting a 30-minute webinar discussion on July 15 to discuss this heavyweight CRM battle. We’ll discuss the criteria noted above and talk about how the products differ.

While both products offer similar functionality, there are some distinct differences that are worth looking at. In addition, it’s important to evaluate the products with an eye towards how each of them allows you to connect with your world. Whatever your industry, these products have a lot to offer your organization.

by BroadPoint Technologies

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