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Free Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial

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You've read all about what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can offer and you're interested in seeing how it really works. DFC Consultants is offering a free 30-day trial of CRM Online that will help you see how easy it is to organize and automate your business processes while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing and customer service fields.
During the free trial of Customer Relationship Management Software you'll receive:
25 licenses, 30 days to use full Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. Free; no credit card required.

During your tree trial:

Increase Sales
Increase sales performance with real-time visibility and pipeline tracking.
Resolve customer issues
With the right information, you can resolve customer issues quickly and create loyalty.
Easy dashboards
Drill into data to spot trends and develop insights with dashboards you can personalize.
Microsoft Outlook integration
Seamlessly manage your CRM within the application you already use—Microsoft Outlook.

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by DFC Consultants

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