4 Tips for Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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The challenge that most often drives adoption of a new CRM system is tracking and managing the sales process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an excellent platform for businesses that want to “hard wire” their customer-facing and internal business processes into an easy-to-use system.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is particularly useful for Sales Managers, presenting multiple tools for managing and helping a sales team be successful. In a short video, you'll learn 4 tips for sales management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Track sales activities like calls, emails and appointments
  • Analyze and take action on deals in the pipeline
  • Review and chart sales history
  • Create custom sales reports


Click here to see the video

4 Tips Video


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By Mark Abes/Vice President Sales & Marketing of xRM³, a Microsoft Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting, implementation, integration, and administrative services. Based in San Diego County Southern California.

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