Streamline Sales Efforts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows

Optimizing business processes is a fundamental strategy to generate more profit in any business. There are many ways to get more out of your top line, and one of the best is to slim down the time and cost of selling through analysis and improvement. To do this, you need consistent and accurate sales data across your whole work force.

This can easily be achieved by businesses at any level using configurable Business Process Flows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

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Optimizing Your Sales Processes

When optimizing business processes in sales, it’s best to identify and define what is critical to your success (data entry, lead scoring models, follow-up schedule) and implement your CRM solution around those strategies. With best practices built into the sales component of CRM, the results are sales processes that combine your specific requirements with better ways to meet them. By doing this, you are helping your people be more productive, rather than hindering them with a totally proprietary selling experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM fully adopts this philosophy, as Business Process Flows are easily configurable and can be applied creatively for any type of business process.

Benefits of Business Process Flows

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows make sense out of the way you capture lead information and qualify them to the next stage, ensuring the right data is captured during the right stages to tell the story for your sales people. They align your sales processes with your company’s sales requirements and best practices, and can be enforced across any number and variation of sales departments and team members.

A unique benefit of using Business Process Flows, is that you can walk away from an incomplete lead and easily get up to context as you learn more about the lead and return to enter new data. Conversely, in more traditional CRM solutions, you are left with an open record with numerous fields partially filled in, and no guidance for what to do next.

Adopting the philosophy of business process optimization leads your business down a natural path to Business Intelligence and greater profitability.

Watch the video below for a visual look at the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows :

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