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Dynamics CRM price quotation, order and invoice are an example to how CRM documents are produced using SQL Reporting Services. Most Dynamics CRM users find it difficult to attach such reports to an email, and find it even more difficult to redesign Dynamics CRM OOB reports. Adding business logo and extra details are the bare minimum an organization requires to achieve well-presented documents like price quotations or invoices, to their customers.

We have lately released two CRM Solutions, Dynamics PDF and Dynamics Docs. On the face of it they perform very similar functions, but they actually are based on two different methodologies to create documents in Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics PDF

5 steps are required to attach CRM report (like quote, order and invoice) to an email:

  1. Run Report
  2. Generate Quote Report
  3. Save as PDF
  4. Create Email Activity
  5. Add the PDF document as an attachment to the Email


  • Dynamics PDF converts any CRM report to PDF with the following one click functions:
  • Create an Email and attach the report as PDF document
  • Create an Email and create the report as HTML in the body of the Email message
  • Save PDF as the record’s Note
  • Preview report as PDF
  • Download report as PDF

Dynamics PDF is licensed at US$350 Per CRM Organization

Download Trial: http://www.dynamicsobjects.com/Products/DynamicsPDF.aspx


Dynamics Docs

Reports in Dynamics Docs are Word documents with fields from CRM records merged in the content of the document.  Unlike Dynamics PDF that uses CRM Reporting Services, Dynamics Docs can be easily modified or redesigned as you would modify any Word document. Many such templates are available on our web site and new templates are offered free of charge. The solution is not Reporting Services based, therefore it does not have the security issues associated with SQL Reporting Services, and PDF Report Documents can be scheduled to run, using CRM Workflows.

Dynamics Docs is licensed at US$190 Per User

Download Trial: http://www.dynamicsobjects.com/Products/DynamicsDocs.aspx

by DNN Integration Dynamics CRM

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