Dynamics CRM Online Spring Update: User Interface Changes

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As you may already know, an update to Dynamics CRM Online was recently released. Spring 2015 update, as it’s officially called, brought with it some changes to the general user interface that users should be aware of. Though not drastic, they do affect how menu items look and where some commonly used functions are located. So, in this blog I want to point out a few of the most important changes and show you how they compare to previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

The Main Menu and Work Area

How it looks in the latest version of CRM Online

Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Spring update main nav bar

How it looked in earlier versions of Dynamics CRM OnlineDynamics CRM 2013 main nav bar

Comparing the two images above, the main differences you will notice are:

  1. Instead of clicking on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM logo in order to access the main menu, you will now click the button next to the name “Microsoft Dynamics CRM” that has three short horizontal lines stacked on top of one another.
  2. You can still move between the main work areas in Dynamics CRM Online by clicking on one of the large tiles that appear after you click the menu button I mentioned above. These tiles will look very similar to previous versions, they just have a new color scheme.
  3. Once you click one of these tiles to open a main work area, you will now see a new drop-down menu open up like the one shown above that lists all the associated tasks and records. From there, you can navigate wherever you need to go within the system.

Quick Access Items

Dynamics CRM 2015 quick access items

The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online makes some frequently used items constantly available on the toolbar, no matter which section of the customer relationship management system you’re working in. Some of these items include Recently Used, Quick Create, a search bar, advanced find and options that relate to the type of CRM account you are using. See the screenshot above to learn what each of these new icons look like. With these frequently used items being more readily available in the latest release of Dynamics CRM Online you can spend less time navigating menus and searching for what you need and more time getting work done.

I hope these descriptions have helped you see that the latest user interface changes to Dynamics CRM Online are nothing to be afraid of. For more information on these changes and to see them in action, take a look at this brief video.

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By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics CRM reseller



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