Achieve Sales Analytics Success with CRM

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When it comes to making a sale, it's important to understand the benefits of sales analytics.  Not only do these analytics help confirm the most likely sales opportunities, but they can also help create sales techniques.  Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes analyzing your sales data extremely simple.  With its intuitive design and ultra-friendly user experience, you can conduct What If scenarios and capture sales data in such a way that your overall profit levels are largely boosted.

Forecasting sales becomes a cinch when using analytics.  You'll be able to assess many different parts of the sales process against one another, which helps pinpoint sales opportunities and shows you how to approach them.  Many marketing managers overlook the importance of sales analytics.  Truth is, though, these analytics can be used to direct marketing campaigns.  You'll be able to use them to see where your strengths and weaknesses are within your product and customer service.

There are many elements to be included within sales analytics, including:

  • Pricing changes
  • Distribution channels
  • Launching new products
  • Customer service
  • Competitors
  • Promotions

Sales managers can use sales analytics to drive their business decisions.  The information can show these managers how many sales reps need to be hired as well as where responsibilities are to be delegated according to the past performances of each sales rep.  All management-level decisions should be driven by sales analytics.  It's also through sales analytics that you can present new marketing and product ideas to the CEO and board members.  When you back up your propositions with detailed data, this helps convince the high-level executives that your ideas will scale the company forward, not backward.

When using sales analytics to carry out new marketing and sales strategies, it's imperative that the analytics be accurate.  This is why you must make sure you are using a sales analytics software program that is simple to use yet highly effective.  Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is well known for being accurate and effective, and it can easily be integrated with a wide range of knowledge databases, including Power BI connectors and other various dashboards.

According to data, companies that use sales analytics are more likely to enjoy higher rates of customer retention as well as achieve quotas on a regular basis than those that don't use analytics.  If your company is looking for a sales analytics software program, don't overlook the many benefits to be gained through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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By Socius, a CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas

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  1. Sales Managers can create sales forecasts through sales analytic and they can use sales analytic to drive their business decisions.
    By providing accurate forecasts, sales managers will benefit from accurate sales analytics.

    Proper CRM solution provides accurate sales analytics which can increase the positive control of sales and sales managers, then can spend saved time increasing the sales ability of their salespeople.

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