18 Questions Every Financial Services Firm Should Ask About Their CRM System

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How would your financial services firm know if your CRM system was holding you back? By evaluating your current system against a set of questions designed to point out the weaknesses. Perhaps weaknesses you had not yet uncovered.

So block out some time on the calendar, grab a cup of coffee and your key team members from each department and brainstorm the answers to these 18 questions.


  1. What are some of the issues that keep your salespeople from being able to do their jobs efficiently?
  1. How much of your agents’/advisors’ time is spent actually working with customers? What are the top administrative tasks that take away from time with customers?
  1. Do salespeople have easy access to the CRM tools and information they need—in the office or in the field?
  1. Do you have accurate sales pipeline and forecasts? Do you have real-time insight into your sales performance?


  1. Does your current solution enable you to measure the ROI of your marketing efforts?


  1. Are you using the same systems for sales and customer service? Are customer updates, such as products purchased or service history, easily accessible in one centralized system?
  1. Is improving your customers’ experience a key strategic objective for your company?
  1. What are some of the issues you hear from your service team regarding your CRM system? What keeps them from being able to do their jobs more efficiently?
  1. Do your customer service reps have to manage multiple screens and systems to access customer-specific information when trying to resolve service issues?
  1. Do you have service representatives in multiple divisions, brokerages, regional offices, or store locations? Does your current system easily enable access to support processes and information?


  1. What regulatory compliance challenges does your organization face, and how are you addressing them?
  1. Do your systems give you real-time visibility into your risk exposure?
  1. Does your system have the ability to identify your highest value clients? How effective are your efforts to cross-sell and up-sell products to existing customers?


  1. Is it easy to configure, customize, and make modifications in your CRM system?
  1. Can your CRM system help you rapidly build other line of business applications in addition to the existing CRM capabilities?
  1. Can you give me some examples of applications built on top of your CRM system?
  1. Would you say your current CRM system is delivering an excellent return on investment for your organization?
  1. Has your organization considered cloud-based solutions for CRM or other business processes?

Have you uncovered areas for improvement? We would like to help you evaluate what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for your financial services firm, with specific points to cover each of these 18 questions.

Contact us at AbleBridge. We’ll give you the answers you need.

By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, www.AbleBridge.com


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