Rockton Connect, Accounting Inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Online, On Premise, Hosted

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While Rockton Connect's license model is priced per-month, how the software is deployed is entirely up to you. We support every deployment model of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015: on premise, partner hosted, or CRM online. This means you can choose the deployment model that works for you.

Rockton Connect has 2 major components:

  • The first is a Managed CRM Solution that resides wherever your CRM system resides. The data is inside of and intermingled with your CRM data. It moves with you wherever you go, wherever you are deployed.
  • The second component is Financial Reporting. It resides in an independent Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse. We have that ready for you in a partner-hosted model, and its price is included in your license. The data warehouse crunches numbers using SQL Analysis Services, and reports are rendered in Excel. The data warehouse must communicate with CRM, so your CRM system must either be CRM Online or have IFD (internet facing deployment) enabled. Alternatively, if you're in a highly secure environment, you're likely using CRM on premise, and then you'd be able to install the Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse and utilize your internal network to connect the two.

We've built Rockton Connect to utilize every conceivable deployment model out there.

Click here to watch an overview of Rockton Connect.

Written By Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Partner.

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