How a Distributor Improved the Quoting Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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How do you prepare quotes?

It seems that every company has their own unique way of calculating and preparing quotes. The EditAble CRM Grid tool makes it easier to mold the quoting process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the way you do business.

Out of the box, quoting capabilities within Dynamics CRM are regimented. You can enter products and quantities, multiplied by the unit price and the system calculates the extended price. This is a very plain vanilla type of quoting.

Most companies want to make changes to the quoting screens to allow for easier editing and more complex calculations and grouping. You can do this with EditAble CRM Grid. You can add an editable grid right to the quoting screen, or have multiple grids on any Dynamic CRM form (or screen).

Here is one example from the distribution industry.

We work with a wholesale distributor using Dynamics CRM. They need to come up with different discounts and price breaks based on the types of volume that they are offering to the end customer. In the past the sales reps performed their calculations in an Excel document or with a calculator. They were quoting prices according to their results, but management had no way to see how they were substantiating these numbers.

Now, using EditAble CRM Grid they have a separate grid on the quoting screen in Dynamics CRM that does the calculations and is then rolled up discreetly on the side. Then they can use the calculated numbers, on their actual quoting grid on the same CRM screen and create the quote.

In the past it was a time intensive process to validate why someone was quoting a certain price break. Now there is not only a method displayed to show how they came up with those numbers, but it is easily accessed from just one screen along with the actual quote.

Could you use EditAble CRM Grid to improve the quoting process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM at your organization? Let us review your process and help you come up with ideas. Contact AbleBridge to learn more about EditAble CRM Grid.

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By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

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