Here’s Why You Should Love E-Mail Marketing!

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E-mail marketing is a simple way to target your audience in a short amount of time. E-mail marketing has been proven to be more effective than social media and is a cost effective way to reach your target audience all while having a personalized and time efficient approach.

  • E-Mail Marketing Is More Effective Than Social Media!

This isn’t a fact we just made up, but a statistic; e-mail marketing is over 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter. [i] It has been proven that people prefer to receive their promotional information via e-mail rather than the same information showing up on their time line. Often the information shared by a company on a timelines is ignored and instantly categorized as spam. However, following the concept of e-mail marketing, the consumer is likely to at least click on the e-mail and then decide whether they consider the e-mail spam or useful. Let’s not forget that over 2.5 billion people across the globe use e-mail daily whereas 890 million are daily active users of Facebook, of course allowing your reach to be that much greater. [ii]


  • E-Mail Marketing Allows Your Reach To Be More Specific!

Using tools like ClickDimensions which is fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics, you are able to create market specific lists ensuring your audience is relevant. Not only are you assuring your audience is targeted, but you are reaching people who have often subscribed to be a part of your mailing lists as they pertain to their needs. ClickDimensions allows you to sort your reach and efficiently track how many people have opened your e-mails and then gone to your relevant website. For example, a company that offers various different services can create a variety of marketing lists entailing different criteria. One can easily sort lists that match certain criteria such as the position of your target audience in their company, or their area, even sort by industry!  ClickDimensions allows the company to ensure their list is relevant to each service they provide and directly track the customer reach from the companies own computer. Talk about making it easy to track return on investment! Of course as the information received in the mailbox of your clients is customized to their needs, the chances of your client opting in as a subscriber are much higher. This concept allows you as a company to market to the right people in a personalized way, which of course is something social media cannot do.


  • E-Mail Marketing Is Time Efficient And We All Know Time Is Money!

Using e-mail marketing allows you to be efficient. Not only can you create your own lists, but you can reach a wide range of people in a small amount of time. E-mail lists can vary in size from a few people to thousands, allowing you to send them e-mail blasts in an efficient and time saving way. Using ClickDimensions, you can create two different versions of an e-mail marketing campaign and send each to 20% of your list. Based on the response of the 40% of e-mails sent, you can send the remaining 60% of your customers the more efficient version. This allows you to gain “wins” and save a ton of time! On the contrary, using social media to advertise or reach your client list can be tedious as you may choose to message them individually, post on your page, advertise on their time lines or try to keep your content relevant to reach your target audience. This process is not only lengthy, but inefficient. Through e-mail marketing you are ensuring a wide range of target specific e-mails being received rather than a lengthy process in which you may be targeting the wrong audience. Psychologically, people are often connected to their e-mail with a sense of importance, thus increasing the views on your campaign as clients will associate it with importance. On the other end of the spectrum, social media has the connotation of “fun” and “social” attached to it, which may derail your audience from the message of your campaign, again leading to the campaign being inefficient and a time consumer.

Give e-mail marketing a shot when planning your next online campaign as it is easy for you to track the return on your investment, time efficient and of course targeted towards the specific needs of your clientele.

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Author: Sunandini Verma - Atum Corporation





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