How CRM 2015 Bridges the Gaps between Sales, Marketing and Your Customer

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In a world of increased personalization, customization, and service, customers today have higher expectations from businesses. To meet and exceed these expectations, departments need to team up and invest in solutions that streamline efforts to gain maximum customer satisfaction.

With powerful and easy‑to‑use functionality in marketing, sales and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 allows businesses to generate prospects, close sales and maintain customer relationships.   See how these three teams are working better together by utilizing the latest features in Dynamics CRM 2015:

Encouraging salespeople to sell more, win faster, and drive results

According to “Always Be Closing: The ABCs of Sales in the Modern Era,” even if a salesperson closes 100% of all of their deals, they can only spend up to 22% of their time actually selling. The technologies they use force tedious administrative tasks that take up valuable selling time. Dynamics CRM 2015 lays out the sales process right on the screen with improved features, described below, through automation of daily administrative tasks, giving sales a better understanding of processes and more time to sell.

  • Guided Sales Processes
  • Product Families/Bundling
  • Sales Hierarchies
  • CRM for Tablets Enhancements

Improving marketing capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 helps to manage marketing campaigns while offering a centralized look at the buying journey, which help sales, marketing, and customer service agents to work together to provide the highest level of support and information to the customer.

Following are the powerful new features in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing:

  • Improved Campaign Management Console
  • New Email Editor
  • New Sales Collaboration Panel
  • New Marketing Calendar for better Marketing Resource Management
  • Improved Automated Workflow Approvals
  • Expanded Geographies for Dynamics Marketing

Marketers now have the ability to leverage multi-channel efforts to engage their customers with specific messaging. With a new email editor and improved campaign management console, marketers are more easily able to build targeted messaging and track it down by campaign. Furthermore, integrated social listening and internal process automation provide insight into what customers are saying and what deadlines your own team is hitting (or missing).

Delivering better customer service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 enables agents to provide efficient and effective service over the web, social networks, or by phone. Its enhanced case management feature allows agents to stop and resume Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and monitor the duration to be sure SLAs are complete.

Overall, many of the new features in the 2015 version are focused on closing the gap between marketing and sales, with the goal of providing better customer experiences. With the new features from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, organizations are well on their way to a more successful business and improved bottom line.

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  1. These new features of CRM 2015 with the goal of providing better customer services are focused on closing the gap between sales and marketing. From these features, organizations can find their more and more successful ways.

    Marketers can build more targeted messaging and they can track it with the new improved campaign management console and they can use it email editor also.

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