Turn Selling Into Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Not long ago businesses relied on traditional media such as clever print ads and commercials to promote their products or services. Now we have entered the digital era and customers can fast-forward through commercials as easily as they can turn the page in an online magazine.  You can shout to the rooftops all about your products or services but today’s customers are more interested in engagement.  Learn more about your customers with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution and reach them on their terms.

CRM solutions have been around for many years and have provided a solid foundation for businesses to capture, analyze, and use data pertaining to their customers as well as marketing and sales efforts.  Many of today’s integrated CRM solutions offer additional insight into customer trends, which can be used to create more accurate inventory and production forecasts, for example.  Making sure that you have the right inventory at the right time can improve customer satisfaction and profit goals.  Harnessing and using big data can also lead you to develop customer profiles or product trends that can be used to boost sales and create more effective and affordable marketing campaigns.  However, there is an additional way that CRM can benefit your business – by improving customer engagement.

In addition to using CRM to develop big goals, you can look specifically at individual customer needs and strengthen those important relationships.  You can review historical customer orders and identify trends with replenishment orders, for example, and take a proactive stance to contact customers when replenishments may be likely.  Customers will appreciate your close attention to their needs and you have the chance to introduce complementary or ancillary products that could boost cross-sales and up-sales.  With a more robust CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, you can also learn how customers prefer to be engaged – online, social media, email, SMS marketing, or other means.  Customers don’t want junk mail or to be contacted about products that they don’t need or use.  Customize communications and marketing efforts and share information or promotions for the products that they are more likely to need.

You can use CRM to monitor the specific needs of individual customers and strengthen relationships, developing long-term loyalty.  Contact Sherwood Systems to learn how to turn selling into customer engagement with CRM.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Arizona

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