Why You Should Spend Time Searching for the Right CRM Implementation Partner

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By this time you know why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is beneficial to your business. But when it comes time to implement CRM effectively, the expertise and experience needed is not always already there within your company. It is critical that you spend time finding the right software partner to help you.

A major cause for CRM failure is when companies don’t seek the right outside guidance because companies think they can do it on their own. Using a software integrator leverages that partner’s expertise and experience from working with other companies, it puts less pressure on the IT department, and they can also help the process to move much faster.

According to the Aberdeen Group, the top 5 business pressures that push sales leaders to work with a software partner are customers demanding better services, not meeting growth objectives, increased competition, their brand is not distinctive enough to maintain customer loyalty, and reducing negative customer sentiment. The right partner will have already faced these problems with other companies they have worked with. They have insight into many situations and flexible solutions to work and grow with your company’s specific needs.

Focusing on what matters most – the customer – let’s look at the best-in-class companies working with a software partner compared to all others:

  • 13% more reported customer history is regularly captured and visible to all staff (80% to 67%)
  • 33% more reported that they surveyed customers after interactions to measure and aggregate customer satisfaction results (65% to 32%)
  • 31% more have formal processes in place to identify ‘at risk’ customers (55% to 24%)
  • 18% more companies have processes in place to monitor and scrub prospects and customers for data quality (40% to 22%)
  • 85% of companies have the profitability, satisfaction, and trends in spending of each customer reported and monitored regularly (compared to 40%)

As you begin your search for the right CRM implementation partner, here are some areas in which to rate each prospect: demonstration of success in similar projects, recommendations by peers, domain expertise, cost, commitment to customer service, technology network, and accolades in industry media.

By Socius, Ohio CRM Implementation Partner (www.socius1.com)

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