Importing Users into Dynamics CRM 2013 / Dynamics CRM 2015

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There are multiple ways to create new Users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/ Dynamics CRM 2015.   Details on the various ways are can be found over at TechNet –> Manage users.  Besides the standard methods, you can Import users into the CRM using the Import Tool (you gotta’ love the flexibility of Dynamics CRM).

Key facts about Importing users via the Import Tool

  1. For CRM On Premises; ‘User Name’ must include the domain either in the domain\user format or user@FQDN format.
  2. For CRM On Line; you must include an ‘Primary Email’.
  3. You must include the ‘First Name’ and the ‘Last Name’
  4. You can set the Mailbox settings even though they are not included in the default Import Template(see below) You just have to add the column(s) to the template and map the column(s) during the import.
  5. All users imported will be in Disabled in CRM.  After the import, you can Bulk Enable users, by selecting multiple users and clicking the ‘Enable’ button.
  6. You can’t set the Business Unit during the import, all users will be assigned to the root business unit.  After the import, you can Bulk Change the Business Unit on users by selecting the users and clicking on ‘Change Business Unit’.
  7. All users imported will be assigned a default security role of ‘Salesperson’. If you have deleted the ‘Salesperson’ security role the import will fail.  You can re-create this security role by exporting it from another CRM organization.

Template for Importing Users

Using a Template will make setting up the import much easier as all the mapping is built into the template.  To get a template for an User Import, goto (CRM 2013)Setting –> Administration –> Users  or (CRM 2015)Settings –> Security –> Users.  Then click on the ‘Import Data’ drop down and select ‘Download Template for Import’


You can find more information about importing data into Dynamics CRM here –>

Bulk Remove Security Role

You can bulk add security roles to users, but you can’t ‘explicitly’ bulk remove the security role on users.  You can indirectly remove the security role in bulk, by changing the users’ business unit in bulk;

  1. If you don’t have 2 or more Business Units, then create one, it can be deleted later.
  2. Select all the users you want to remove the security role from.  Then click on ‘Change Business Unit’
  3. Assign them to a child business unit. When users are moved to a new Business Unit, all of their security roles will be removed.
  4. Select the users again and click ‘Change Business Unit’ to assign them back to the original business unit.
  5. If you created a business unit in step 1, you can now delete it.

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  1. I'm strugling to imprt users from SIS ( PEOPLESOFT) to oracl CRM.
    WE are uesing people soft for education and Crm as e-services to outmaie the request from student. How can we link the data between both system as import and export data rather than uesing to system at the sametime.

    Thank you for help in advanced.

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