Form Social Panes and Posts in Dynamics CRM: Part 3

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To wrap up our discussion on activity feed posts and their functionality, I’d like to share an idea that we have used with a client which is repeatable and I think useful in all environments.

We all have a need for reminders. There are so many things that we have to accomplish on a day to day basis, that sometimes keeping track of all of those items can be difficult. To help keep track of those items, I recommend turning to tasks. Tasks are a particularly useful item within Dynamics CRM, especially when utilized with the Outlook client. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to quickly set reminder tasks for yourself without having to take the trouble of manually creating the task?

Welcome to the beautiful marriage of Tasks and Activity Feed Posts.

The idea behind this is very simple. Use hash tags within Posts to generate tasks! Here is a real world example: You are in CRM, working on an account, and remember that you need to generate an invoice for them soon, but don’t quite have the time right now. Instead of turning to OneNote to jot down a note about it, or worse an actual notepad, simply click into the activity feed pane and create a post which includes ‘#remindme’.

To accomplish this, we will once again utilize workflows:

  • Create a new ‘workflow’ process, this time for the ‘Post’ entity which fires on create
  • Have a check condition at the beginning of the workflow which will check for the hash tag we are looking for ‘#remindme’


  • If the post contains that hash tag, we will create a task record which contains the text from the original post, and assigns the task to the ‘Created by’ of the post


  • In a separate step, set the regarding as the regarding of the original post, so that the user will be linked directly back to the account (or other entity) from which the task was created.


This is a pretty piece of functionality you can provide to all users of all environments. A short little training session, or simply an email newsletter to your organization, letting them know how to use this particular piece of functionality, and tasks can be even easier to use. Your workforce becomes stronger and more efficient, and you only had to build one little workflow!

That concludes our series on Social Panes and Posts. Hope you got something useful out of it!

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