Dynamics CRM Workflow Automation for Tracking Inventory and Assets

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Dynamics CRM Inventory ManagementDo you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales force automation but use spreadsheets or outdated software for managing products and orders?   Now, you can use your existing Dynamics CRM workflow automation for tracking inventory and assets too!

Managing thousands of products across multiple locations can be a handful. Let’s just say you have numerous warehouse locations that stock inventory and parts, half dozen trucks that deliver inventory, and a few dozen suppliers to keep track of – that is enough to make anyone’s head spin! I’m sure you have a process…but how many manual steps do you go through on a daily basis and how much could you automate?

First, maybe you take in daily recaps from workers  (via email and spreadsheets) on the warehouse floor of which products are getting low in stock (to replenish from your vendor list). Then you might take in individual assessments from the truck drivers of their own inventory levels, and finally organize the required transfers from one of the warehouse locations to refill the quantities in the trucks. This simple, but manual approach can lead to an array of problems – low stocked products overlooked by the workers, misreported numbers, unnecessary transfers, and the sheer amount of time and manpower involved! With an automated process, these manual tasks can actually run AUTOMATICALLY in the background – based on accurate, real-time information. Yes, this makes things go much more smoothly. Exact inventory levels are scanned and tracked at the warehouse locations as shipments arrive. As each truck sells or distribute their inventory, a mobile scanner enables tracking of exact quantity in real time. Based on these numbers, the system can then automatically generate the required purchase orders based on rules set up by your organization. Analytics and automation are a necessity in today’s world of supply and demand.

WIMS for CRM, Warehouse Inventory Management Solution for Customer Relationship Manager, takes Dynamics CRM and Inventory to the next level. Our add-on gives you the ability to track, create and manage multiple stocking locations, vendors, purchase orders, bins, receiving, put-away, order picking, transfers, assets and more. By using our custom solution built exclusively for Dynamics CRM (and within Dynamics CRM), organizations can now trust that their inventory counts are accurate and available in real-time for order taking, order processing, customer service and beyond.

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