Are You Reaching The Right Customers On The Right Platforms?

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There have never been more opportunities for promoting a product, service, or your business than there are today.  In addition to traditional print and media advertisements, there is a whole new world of opportunity with digital advertising – social networking, videos, mobile apps, and websites.  Sometimes having so many options can make it difficult to make the right decisions.  Learn how to reach your customers, efficiently and cost-effectively, with the support of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

As you may have already experienced, advertising and marketing campaigns can become rather expensive.  Putting all advertising dollars into one platform can be disastrous, but so can trying every innovative advertising method that crosses your desk and there are more advertising platforms than ever before.  Before investing in any advertising effort, take a good look at your existing customers with a CRM solution.  You can manage all of your customer data from a single, integrated CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  You can view details about your customers including the products that they purchase, how they may have heard of your business or products, and transactional information.  Your sales and customer service teams can include conversational notes, copies of letters and emails, and online interactions such as with social networking sites.  Built-in business intelligence and robust reporting features can provide insight into how your customers prefer to be engaged which can lead you to determine which marketing efforts may be more successful than others.

As you strategize potential advertising opportunities and test the waters with different channels, you can measure those marketing efforts using built-in marketing analytics.  You can monitor sales pipeline data and revenues, and use real-time data to judge the performance of each medium.  Powerful business intelligence can be shared with your marketing and advertising team so that they can fine-tune these efforts and create effective, personalized advertising campaigns.  As you learn which methods or channels yield the best results, the more you can improve upon your return on investment.

Like most businesses, your business doesn’t have an unlimited advertising budget.  Learn how to reach the right customers on the right platforms by deploying the right CRM solution.  Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about using CRM to gain the insight you need to make the advertising decisions that yield the best return on investment for your business.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner out of Arizona

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  1. Reaching to the targeted audience on the right platforms is all about deploying the right CRM solution. One can target the existing customers by using integrated CRM solution as your business can have limited budget for advertising and marketing.

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