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If you are looking for a software solution for your customer relationship management, of course you have to evaluate your own company's specific needs.  But taking a look at what others want can be enlightening too. Maybe you will see a feature you hadn't thought of that would be great for your business. Or if you've just begun the upgrade search, you might find options that you didn't know were available.


You can get those insights right now from the Software Advice CRM BuyerView Report, a summary of what small businesses like yours are looking for in CRM systems. The viewpoints of 385 businesses, randomly selected from thousands interviewed, are presented through charts and graphs to highlight a number of key trends.


For example, did you know that over half of these potential CRM software buyers are still using manual or disconnected spreadsheet methods to manage their customer relations? That means that if you are upgrading a modern CRM software system, you are already ahead of the pack. On the other hand, if you are also still using these older methods, it's definitely time to move ahead because that is what your competition is likely doing.


As CRM buyers decide to leave old methods behind, how do they want to upgrade? A huge majority, 88% of your fellow buyers, are requesting sales force automation. Of those buyers, 82% cite interactive tracking as the most requested module. For marketing, the key feature buyers are looking for is email management. And for customer-service, ticket management tops the list.


Software Advice’s CRM BuyerView Report contains many more insights for a complete picture of what your fellow CRM software buyers are considering. You can download the full report here:


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