How to Reduce the Number of Clicks in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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One complaint users have about Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it takes too many clicks to update a record.

Let’s be clear, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an excellent product. In 2006 AbleBridge made the strategic decision to solely focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and we’ve never looked back. But even excellent products can be made better.

Picture this: You are a sales rep who has 10 minutes to update the estimated close date of all your opportunities before the sales meeting starts.  In Dynamics CRM you need to open the opportunity screen, and then double click on each account record to open it, then navigate to the field and update it, and then go back to the opportunity screen to open the next record. It doesn’t sound like much, but it takes time and time is precious. Anything you can do to save users time will add to their productivity and adoption of the system.

After working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for many years AbleBridge created the EditAble CRM Grid add-on product.  Put simply, this tool makes interacting with forms (or pages) much easier. It turns data on the Dynamics CRM page into one or more editable grids that work like Microsoft Excel. You can quickly change and update information inline without opening new screens. You can also transform existing Dynamics CRM views into editable rows.

EditAble CRM Grid reduces the number of clicks for Dynamics CRM users and allows them to maintain their focus on one page as a working dashboard.

EditAble CRM Grid is a productivity tool, but it is also a business intelligence tool because it allows the user to interact with the data.  Dynamics CRM users can group, sort, and calculate information any way they need to.

If you love Microsoft Dynamics CRM but you are still looking for ways to make it even better, contact AbleBridge to learn more about EditAble CRM Grid. Call 877-600-2253 or email

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Editable CRM Grid Overview

EditAble CRM Grid FAQ

EditAble CRM Grid Demo Video

By Ryan Plourde, AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

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  1. This is brilliant. At our company we're currently working on CRM automation to reduce the number of clicks for our salespeople. We have views that are used by project managers, who manage the salespeople, that this add on would boost efficiency for quite tremendously.

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