What Needs to Happen for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data to Stay Clean and Fit for Use?

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Managing, cleansing and maintaining the data used by customer relationship management software is as important in the long run as selecting the right CRM system and correctly training employees in its use. With the right system and engaged, well-trained staff ready to use it, businesses are positioned for success. However, if the data being used and analyzed by the system is outdated, incorrect or otherwise not fit for use, few benefits will be realized. Data is the lifeblood of a CRM system, and with good, clean and current data in place, businesses get the most out of it, improving their relationships with clients and driving sales.

When it comes to keeping data fit for use and cleansed, there are four major dimensions to consider. Integration and the combining of data flows is one of these four cornerstones of successful management. When data isn't integrated it isn't consistent, and employees have a harder time effectively managing and using it in their daily tasks. One common area where integration problems occur in CRM is the entry of the wrong data into the right field and vice versa. This is often a problem when staff members from different departments are using and updating the same records.

Kevin Alexander, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice Manager at the TM Group, said consistency in terminology across an organization is crucial when it comes to integration and combining data flows. Removing uncertainty makes a big difference and cuts down on mistakes. Two other concepts to consider are read-only limitations and field-level security. CRM administrators can add protections to stop the incorrect entry of information without limiting the ability of employees to see what they need.

This is just one of the four most important areas of data fitness and health. Want to learn about the rest and understand how they impact the quality of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data? Read the full article on the TM Group's website by following this link.

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  1. Keeping fit your CRM data will not give you chance to occur integration problems. Entry of wrong data in right field can cause integration problem in CRM. There are other major dimensions which should be considered when it comes to keeping fit data for use.

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