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If you are interested in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a sales or service tool, you will not be disappointed!  There are so many great NEW features included CRM 2015.  But if you have products that you are trying to sell, you might be a little disappointed that Dynamics CRM does not give you the ability to track these products and other inventory at multiple stocking locations.  Yes, Microsoft CRM does provide the tools to manage basic inventory information but most organizations need to take inventory management a step further. They need their sales team to have insight into product quantities - especially when this inventory spans multiple stocking locations. Stocking Locations can represent full stocking warehouses, individual retail locations, or even mobile sites like trucks or vans.

WIMS for CRMRegister for this week’s webinar and see how you can use Dynamics CRM to track inventory across multiple stocking locations!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has almost everything your sales and management team needs to track and manage opportunities. We give you the additional information, workflow and processes around the products that your organization sells! Imagine if your sales knew, in real-time, inventory quantities at each warehouse. Would that help them when talking with their accounts? Knowledge is power! You don’t want to miss this webinar!

Warehouse managers can track inventory specifically to certain bins in specific locations. Bins allow you to build representations for storage locations in each location. A bin could be a tub, shelf position, storage box, etc. Microsoft Dynamics is a great platform for extending out of the box functionality.

Tracking inventory at multiple stocking locations is just one of the many features available in WIMS for CRM.

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2B Solutions (CRM partner based in Birmingham, AL) has been providing Microsoft Dynamics solutions since version 1.2 (yikes - that's a long time).  We have many customers using the software (check out our case studies) and many customers that love it (testimonials say it all)!  If you are interested in learning more about how Dynamics CRM can help your organization, please give us a call 205-408-9991 or complete the form and we'll get in touch with you ASAP!

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