3 Ways To Get Ready For A Great Year: For Your Customers

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Many businesses have taken some time to make plans for the 2015 year which include improving business processes, products, and looking for ways to improve profits.  This is also a good time to evaluate sales and customer service activities.  Position your business for success by implementing a stronger customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Taking care of your customers is critical for any business.  You can strengthen customer relationships and streamline marketing and sales efforts with the support of a robust CRM solution.  Here are a few ways that CRM can make this a great year for your business and your customers:

  1. Get to know your customers: Customer data is easier to access and analyze when it’s located in a centralized, integrated CRM solution. You can evaluate historical orders and identify trends in buying behaviors. For example, you may notice common replenishment orders. You can then align business operations to be prepared for the next replenishment order, purchasing inventory at a strategic time or quantity that optimizes profit margins.
  2. Boost sales: Learning your customer buying behaviors can trigger your sales team to become more proactive with customers, reaching out before customers call in a replenishment order. You can also identify and suggest items that may be complementary to what they already purchase, boosting cross-sales or up-sales.
  3. Improve marketing efforts: Using what you know about your existing customers can guide your marketing team to develop marketing campaigns that target specific prospects. Learning who is using your products and how they prefer to be engaged can point you in the right direction with print, media, and digital marketing efforts. Tailoring marketing efforts to your audience can improve your return on investment, develop stronger leads, and turn more leads into sales.

Powerful CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can provide a 360 degree view of your customer and the insight you need to satisfy their needs or demands.  By strengthening relationships with your customers and getting to know their needs better, you can use this insight to align operations to meet their needs, while also improving the productivity and profitability of your business.  Contact Sherwood Systems to position your business for success with CRM.

By Sherwood Systems, Arizona Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner


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  1. Customers should be first motto in any business, By knowing your customer's needs and making vigorous relationships with them you can target specific prospects and the most important thing that you can improve your ROI by putting these marketing efforts in action towards your audience.

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