Mobile Self-Service: What is Your Strategy?

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As we enter into 2015, there are several topics that should be first and foremost for your business to be concerned about – near the top of that list should be providing mobile friendly support. Let’s face it – we live in a world where mobility is a must. Smartphones are omnipresent and are overtaking other devices as the medium that connects people to the internet. As of 2013, 34% of users accessed the internet most frequently from their smartphone (Pew). By 2017, expectations are smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices will make up closer to 90% of the connected devices on the internet (IDC). 90% in just two years!

If you haven’t already put this together, it means your business needs to be thinking about how to expand your customer engagement efforts into the mobile space. Multi-channel support is extremely important – a mobile channel is a must. Based on research by thinkJar, over two-thirds of businesses are beginning to embrace mobile support channels – this means it is likely that many of your competitors are already moving in this direction (thinkJar).

While many companies may look to provide their customers with an “app” to deliver mobile customer service, this approach can be impractical in many cases. Native apps carry with them high costs, long development timelines, and they can be difficult to evolve along with your business. Another approach is a mobile friendly, responsive web application for delivering mobile support to your customers.

If you run Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your support management you are fortunate. CRM Vertex is a customer self-service portal and engagement platform built to extend the customer engagement story of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can easily expose your CRM data to your customers, partners, vendors, or any other entity you are trying to reach. CRM Vertex is easily configured from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and uses the great toolset of Dynamics CRM to create a configuration platform for building a highly customized, and personalized, portal experience. The best part – this tool is completely responsive and mobile friendly. All of the configuration power of CRM Vertex and Microsoft Dynamics CRM carries through to the smartphones and tablets of your customers without the need to set up a specialized, and separate, mobile support channel. Kill two birds with one stone by adding a customer self-service portal and mobile support channels in one step!

Take advantage of the surge toward mobility that is happening in the world today – chances are a percentage of the 1.75 billion smartphones users in the world (eMarketer) are your customers. Create a competitive advantage by enabling a mobile-friendly support channel and allow your customers to engage with you on the devices they are using most!

To find out more about CRM Vertex portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, check out Sign up for a free 30-day trial today. Within minutes you will have a mobile-friendly customer portal available to help drive further engagement!








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