How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Bring Success to Massachusetts Gateway Cities

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Boston based MassHousing is an independent non-profit public Agency that supports affordable homeownership and rental housing in MA. Since 1970 they have provided nearly $16 billion for affordable housing without the use of taxpayer dollars. A large percentage of these loans are provided in Massachusetts Gateway Cities, an important initiative for the Massachusetts government. In recent years, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped them do this.

AbleBridge, a local Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, worked with MassHousing to implement a system that would give them a better way to track the full life cycle of the loans, report on goals and track the activities of their field reps.

Tracking Loans for Gateway Cities

Massachusetts has 26 “Gateway Cities”; these are defined as communities with populations between 35,000-250,000 with an average household income below state averages. MassHousing works diligently to increase affordable homeownership opportunities in these areas.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps MassHousing to track the number of loans they are providing for these Gateway Cities sorted by city, county, lender and loan value. Information is collected from all the lenders on a daily basis and entered into Dynamics CRM.  AbleBridge customized Dynamics CRM to aggregate all of the loan values so MassHousing can quickly generate reports to see how they are doing based on the annual goals put in place to lend to the Gateway Cities.

Tracking Business Development Rep Activity

Since MassHousing is a non-profit, business development reps are not held to the standard monetary sales goals of other organizations, but they still need a way to track activity and promote accountability.

The reps do not sell but they need to interact with accounts. They are educators with their feet on the street, visible in the community, visiting all the lenders in the area to promote their programs.

AbleBridge created several custom dashboards in Microsoft Dynamic CRM so MassHousing management can quickly and easily see:

  • the number and value of loans generated in a specific area
  • the number and value of loans generated by a specific rep
  • the number of new business appointments by rep

All of these metrics are shown in the context of their monthly goals with year over year and month over month comparisons.

Tracking Success

 A year after implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MassHousing closed 1, 643 mortgage loans for $323 million in Gateway Cities accounting for 30% of all homeownership loans in a record lending year, at the end of FY 2013. This marked a 144% increase in lending in the Gateway Cities over the previous year.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a consolidated system with more efficient tracking and reporting no doubt contributed to their success and this translates to success for the residents of Massachusetts.

And AbleBridge helped make this possible. Erica Carroll, Business Development Manager, MassHousing said, “I don't know how I would have made it through this process if it wasn't for the friendly and knowledgeable staff at AbleBridge. Everyone I dealt with was really helpful. It was a pleasure working with AbleBridge.”

Read the full MassHousing case study

If you are interested in how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can contribute to the success of your organization, contact AbleBridge.

By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

Twitter: @AbleBridge

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