How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enables Excellent Customer Service

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It’s one of the biggest trends in the marketplace today; your customers have access to an incredible amount of information on-line and complete 69% of their purchasing process before picking up the phone. So how do you excel at customer service when you get that call?

Here’s what implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for your customers:
1. Convenience – When they call they want to speak with someone. They may already know price and likely availability of that product and now they want easy access to the other information they need. It could be that expert knowledge only your business can provide or the cost of shipping the product. And they may reach out through email or even connecting through your webpage. Make it easy for them!

2. Correct answers – However a customer reaches out to your business, make sure they get the right answer the first time. There are few second chances today so get it right the first time, whether it’s availability, price, product expertise, etc. Make sure your employees have access to the correct information all the time.

3. Efficiency – Empower your people to handle any situation that comes their way with the information needed with a keystroke or two. Make it easy for them to deliver the best customer service possible... every time.

4. Little extras – Finally, what makes your company unique or shine in the customer’s experience? It’s in your best interest today to make sure your staff has the best training, technology and tools available. When a customer is buying a product, does your staff have the information needed to successfully cross-sell related items?

Meeting these demands in today’s technology-driven world is no small feat. A comprehensive CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can help your organization meet and exceed your customers' expectations.

If your business wants to make the most out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact Beringer Associates today. Beringer Associates is a leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM for Distribution. We also provide expert managed IT services, cloud based computing and unified communication systems. You can contact us at, 800.796.4854 at Beringer Associates.

by Beringer Associates

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