Get More Done in Less Time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Cortana

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Because professionals are busier than ever these days, many of us are constantly searching for tools to help us multitask. If you can relate, there is one new feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 that you should know about: integration with Microsoft's digital personal assistant Cortana.

First introduced on Microsoft's Xbox gaming system and included on the Windows 8.1 phone platform, Cortana is now being introduced as a powerful productivity enhancer for Dynamics CRM users.

Cortana can help Dynamics CRM 2015 users with things like:

  • Set up meetings and reminders
  • Search for information such as contacts, accounts and activities
  • View customer lists
  • Create new customer records

This two-minute video gives a great demonstration of how Cortana and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 work seamlessly together. In it, you'll even see how Cortana can help ensure that you're never late for that important meeting again.

It's a proven fact that we can all speak much faster than we type, so anytime we can use our voice instead of a keyboard we're saving valuable time. On average, we talk at a rate somewhere between 110 and 160 words per minute. By contrast the average typing speed is only 40 to 80 words per minute. I know what some of you are thinking, "is it really that accurate? Aren't I just going to get frustrated by having to repeat my commands multiple times?"

It's true that when voice-recognition software was first introduced it was not very accurate. I should know, I tried some of the very early systems and using them was often an exercise in frustration. But, fast-forward 20 years and voice-recognition technology has come an awful long way. In fact, the software I'm using to write this very blog allows me to quickly type documents with a nearly 99% accuracy rate.

Thanks to its improved accuracy, voice-recognition has now matured beyond being used simply for document creation. Virtual personal assistants like Cortana are great tools that allow us to work on the go and get more done in less time.

Now, I'm sure your mind is racing with all the ways that having a digital personal assistant integrated with Dynamics CRM will make your work easier so, head on over to our website to learn more about this and the other great new features included in Dynamics CRM 2015.

Have questions? No problem. Contact us today! Our friendly experts are available to help.

By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Dynamics CRM partner

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