Examples of Grouping Information and Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM holds a tremendous amount of information; but it is even more powerful when that information can be easily organized and grouped in the way you want to see it.  Out of the box you are somewhat limited with what is available in Dynamics CRM as everything is shown in a list format. You are not able to do complex grouping, sorting and calculations of information and records... unless you use EditAble CRM Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The EditAble CRM Grid is best known for inline editing because it creates an Excel like interface within Dynamics CRM that allows you to edit records quickly. But this tool also allows you to very easily group records and information and then perform calculations both for the group and for the total level.

For example, a property management company can use Dynamics CRM to look at all the units in the buildings that they manage and group the units by building or occupancy. Then they can see a calculation of the total rents for all the units within each building. All  Dynamics CRM users can quickly look at the page and know, with one glance, how much rent each unit is bringing in and which building it is located in. You can sort, group and calculate the information any way you need to see it.

Another example is an Insurance company that uses Editable CRM Grid to calculate group insurance rates such as medical, dental, vision and voluntary benefits. They can group the different products within those categories. They see a quick snapshot of what they offer their employee’s as  benefits. This has proved to be invaluable.

You can go a step further and associate multiple grids with one another, so changes in sub grids will update a main summary grid. The possibilities are endless.

How could you use the Editable CRM Grid to group information within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system?

Watch this video for more ideas:

EditAble CRM Grid Solution Overview

EditAble CRM Grid FAQ

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By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, www.AbleBridge.com

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