Design and Order Products with a Visual CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Here at Axonom, we've heard from our customers and read a number of articles from analysts about how the world of business is moving toward better catering to the customer and providing them with a superior ordering experience. Because of this, we've transformed our Product Configurator from a traditional guided selling tool into a powerfully advanced 2D/3D Visual and Interactive Configure-Price-Quote solution.

The beautiful thing about Powertrak Product Configurator's seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the front-end and Microsoft Dynamics GP on the back-end is that businesses not only have a unified, end-to-end solution to automate quoting and ordering processes but it also empowers the customer and channel partner with a "engaging ordering experience" to visually design, build, quote, and buy products.

Why is this important?

For business that sell make-to-order/assemble-to-order products, don't frustrate your customers, partners, and resellers with a designing tool that doesn't order or an ordering tool that doesn't allow freedom for self-expression. Provide your buyers with a visual and interactive designing and ordering experience to drive repeat business.

For example, if you're custom designing a jacket, a 3D product configurator gives users a virtual or realistic representation of the jacket and also empowers them to design it by selecting the type of garment, applying color(s), adding accessories such as pockets/patches/lapels, and placing text or images anywhere acceptable on the jacket. When satisfied with the design and price, enter your credit card information to conclude the order.

Transforming the Ordering Experience
DYNAMIC Fitness & Strength sought an intimate, accurate, and intuitive product configuration, quoting and ordering solution for its buyers to custom design, visualize, and order its fitness and strength, RIG and RACK systems. The company selected Powertrak 3D Product Configurator and Portal for its seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the front-end and Microsoft Dynamics GP on the back-end.

“Seamless technology and process integration provides everyone with a more reliable, closed-loop process to deliver accurate, custom, and real-time information. Powertrak is the most tightly integrated, interactive, and visually-driven CPQ solution we’ve found." - Sam Soper, information officer at DYNAMIC Fitness & Strength.

With Powertrak Product Configurator, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP, the company has a streamline quoting and ordering process, enabling its customers and dealers to interactively custom-design and buy its products immediately, without waiting days or weeks for design, manufacturing, and delivery.

If you are interested in seeing how a visual product configurator will work for your business, contact Axonom for demo requests, pricing, implementation options, or for more information.

-Axonom, the developer of Powertrak software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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