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Demonstrating What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

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CRM 2015 is here!

If you’ve already updated to the new version or are planning to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM why not take a look at our demonstration to see what’s new?

In a recent web presentation, our Technical Operations Manager, Ian Mennie demonstrated the latest CRM 2015 features and application enhancements for existing Dynamics users.

Our 45 minute demonstration includes practical examples to demonstrate how you can benefit from these improvements.

This includes:

Catch a recording
of this presentation and check out our selection of the Top 15 updates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.


Product Entity Improvements in Dynamics CRM 2015

Microsoft has released a wealth of material to help users become familiar  with Dynamics CRM 2015, so head over to the Customer Service Center to get ready for the new release and download free eBooks.

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