Watch a Demo of New Features in CRM 2015

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Do you have 20 minutes for a quick primer on new features in CRM 2015?

Both CRM 2013 and the Spring '14 introduced major shifts to the product, among the most notable being a completely refreshed user experience. The recent release of Dynamics CRM includes enhancements across marketing, sales and service with a focus on increasing collaboration across departments. Rather than pushing another fundamental shift, this release focuses on building on an already solid foundation.


Watch: 5 New Features in CRM 2015

Based on a live event held on October 24th, this video includes a demo of five of the top new features presented by Microsoft's Nelson Lopes.

Feel free to jump ahead using the time markers below:

1: Enhanced Business Processes 1:31
2: Visual Hierarchies 6:37
3 Rollups and Calculated Fields 10:22
4 Product Families 11:27
5 Multi-Entity Search 15:51

#6 How to Prepare for CRM 2015: Tips for New, On-Premise, and Online Customers 16:52


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