The Most Powerful Sales System For 2015

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In today’s article I’m going to summarize how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions partner as one platform to become “the most powerful sales system for 2015” and how CRM Dynamics – a multi-award winning Microsoft Partner – is leading the way for organizations across Canada towards this guiding light.

So let’s quickly get to know these partners;

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Customer Relationship Management platform provides sales, marketing and customer service tools to help manage on-going relationships with customers from first contact, through purchase cycle, to post sales.

ClickDimensions - Top-rated, Microsoft-certified email and web marketing automation solution. Tracks website user behavior, captures user identity through web forms and downloads, exposes varying levels of user interest.

CRM Dynamics - Multi-award winning Microsoft Partner. Pioneers and Canadian leader for installing, integrating and mastering benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ClickDimensions.



Your key insight as you move through this article is to realize that the general CRM practice of most companies is now out-of-date and clumsy by comparison. They simultaneously use several different sales, marketing and forecasting tools together with their current CRM platform, when they should be using just one platform instead, which does it all. They can avoid the hell of duplicating data each time from one tool to the next. CRM Dynamics says “Once should be enough”.

Most organizations agree that current CRM methods are time-consuming and exhausting, annoying and expensive. Software bugs fly all over the place. Technician frogs jump in trying to clean the place up. It’s time for madness to make an exit.

Enter CRM Dynamics which gets companies adjusted and moving quickly onto one platform, saving them valuable time and expense. But this is more than about saving valuable time and expense. CRM Dynamics says “Companies need to run more efficiently and have their best sales year ever.”



The Blame Game

Current sales and marketing methods in use today include sales people going in for the kill once marketing gets that fresh bite-mark from a lead. For example, a lead downloads an e-book and quick as a flash - their email, perhaps phone number as well - is captured. Faster than Flash, Sales Superstar Steven is ready to make contact. However, the success rate in closing this type of lead has always been low, but is still being practiced. Sales says marketing is to blame because marketing is not strong enough. Ask marketing. They say sales methods are weak. Well, two wrongs don’t make a right, do they? The problem here is lack of effective process and useful tools. This is where CRM Dynamics is leading the way.


Heroes To Zeros

Chances are your company invests costly resources into sales training to solve sales issues. Your sales team comes back pumped, better than ever, only to eventually slip back into old patterns and repeating poor sales outcomes. This forces costly and on-going refresher training sessions that eat up sales time. Alternate solutions call for bringing in the big guns. Highly experienced, highly connected, high-salaried sales pros that are expected to superman the sales. The reality is that sales turnover for this method of saving the day is also high, and again, costly. You’re back to errors in effective process and useful tools.


Dazed And Confused

The trouble continues. Sales people are just as confused and nervous as ever guiding leads into a sale. Current processes are not strong, current applications are not smart, and current forecast accuracy tools are expensive and ultimately clumsy. It’s a problem every company shares, but do not have to continue investing in.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM now has an ultra-powerful Sales Process feature which you will want to quickly take advantage of. No other CRM platform can offer this same feature. Here’s a summary of how it works; Questions which salespeople should be asking prospects or leads appear in this section. Depending on how those questions are answered, appropriate following questions appear. This intelligent method effectively channels your lead into an eventual close.

Now your focus is clear. Sales can track and measure lead indicators to ultimately improve your organization’s growth strategy and CRM Dynamics has a strong program on how to make the most of this opportunity.



You will begin to discover a day and night difference in speed, accuracy and success in realizing prospect interests and channeling them effectively from lead into sale. But if you think migrating your sales and marketing efforts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ClickDimensions may be complicated or scary, stop right there. CRM Dynamics makes it simple to find your way out of the dark. They are pioneers and leaders for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with ClickDimensions on installing, integrating and mastering the benefits of this one-platform duo for organizations across Canada. There is absolutely no reason why your company cannot be next. The next one to have their best sales year ever.

by CRM Dynamics


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