Portal Readiness for CRM 2015

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers are now getting notifications regarding scheduling options for their Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 upgrades. Within this environment, there may be some CRM Online and on premise customers who have may have either abandoned their portal when the free Portal Accelerator was dropped after the 2011 version or some customers still running the on premise version of CRM 2011 who chose not to upgrade to CRM 2013 in order to keep using the Portal Accelerator. If you are in this position or know someone who is, CRM Vertex may be worth evaluating. CRM Vertex currently supports the 2011, 2013, and 2015 versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and could provide self-service options above and beyond what customers are, or were, doing with the free Portal Accelerator. With core modules such as Support, Invoices, Events, Knowledge Base, and the additional options you can expose using our custom module builder, you may find that replacing your existing portal does not need to be an expensive or time consuming process.

Customer portals are quickly becoming an expectation of your customers. Find out how CRM Vertex can help you solve this need and help you actively engage your customers in new and exciting ways.

Check out our website at www.crmvertex.com for more information.


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