Advocating for the Value of a CRM System

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How do you convince an organization / leadership that a CRM is worth the effort and investment when they don’t believe in its value?

You can start by taking just one value aspect of a CRM system, for example, Sales Process Management - the managing and monitoring of the sales process to keep it running successfully. While sale process is not CRM there are very few organizations that can effectively manage their process without a CRM system.

You can tell if you don’t have a sales process if every sales rep does their own thing, their own way. Even if you expose your salespeople to sales process and insist that they use it, the lack of monitoring or measuring a prospect’s progress through the process suggests that you don’t have a sales process.

Often I hear that the “right” salesperson will do the right things anyway.  It is interesting when you dig deeper into the behavior of these “right” sales reps that they use tools to benchmark their performance and effectively organize each and every day.  These “right” salespersons consistently stay in front of more customers and prospects than their counterparts.

A CRM system gives you the opportunity to clone the “right” salesperson. Yes the “right” ones don’t need your help, but out of your sales team how many “right” ones do you have, or can you hire?  What happens to your sales revenue if you are able to help the reps at the level below the “right” ones move up?  What happens if you know sooner that some reps are never going to make the cut?

Remember behaviors that are monitored and measured will change. CSO Insights reports that 82% of companies report improved performance with a formal sales process in place.

How do you increase your sales team efficiency and effectiveness without a CRM system?

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