The 2014 Survey on CRM Systems Published by CPA Magazine

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The annual survey conducted by Michael Burns and published in the CPA Magazine is always a reliable source for staying up to date on the latest trends for management systems.

This year, within his review of the customer relationship management (CRM) systems he highlighted first and foremost the increasing growth and popularity of this software application. He even mentions in his article that according to Gartner, CRM applications will surpass all other categories of management solutions in terms of annual expenditures and percentage of growth by 2017.

Michael Burns also points out in this survey that the CRM trend focused around three key points: cloud computing, mobility and social networks. The two main players in the market; Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce both have placed considerable emphasis on these points.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft is taking the position in the market by allowing its clients to choose the type of CRM system they want to deploy, either online, which gives the possibility to host your CRM in a Microsoft environment and you can be assured that you are always be updated to the most recent version of the product, or the on premise version which is installed on the client’s own servers. The features are similar in both versions and Microsoft also offers the option to switch between these two versions if needed.


Mobility is a growing reality for all businesses, especially for resources working in the sales department. Users now more than ever need to be able to access to their data anywhere and at any time. The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile application for Windows 8 and iOS meets these market demands. The application has been designed so that it is easier to navigate, review and enter information from your mobile device.

Social Media

Social media is no longer just a trend nor a fad, but a reality for all those working in the field of marketing. It has become such an important communication channel for businesses and CRM is now an integral part of social media management. Microsoft has not only launched the SharePoint Newsfeed but has also acquired Yammer and, even more recently, released the Social Listening module available directly within Dynamics CRM. This module is an excellent way to know what is being said on the web about a product, brand, campaign or even competitor, so that your organization can always stay on top of everything happening in the marketplace.

The article also talks about other key differentiators among the different products and for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it mentions that it differentiates itself with its analytical functionalities and integration to Outlook, Lync and SharePoint. This allows users “to work in a browser or in Outlook, which is a compelling approach for anyone already spending a lot of their day in Outlook”.

The author concludes, “just about every organization — from corner groceries to the federal government — requires CRM”. But with the amount of CRM vendors on the market, it is crucial to work with a partner that knows the specifics of your industry and that will refer you to a solution tailored to your needs and growth plan.

There is inevitably a reseller for you in the market that is ready to work in partnership you through your implementation. It is necessary that you have a clear vision of what you want and what your goals are for this solution in order to be sure that you are acquiring a system that fits your needs and that everyone will adopt it, since this is one of the key factors within a successful implementation of a management system.

Find the CRM that is right for you by reviewing the full comparison between the different customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

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By JOVACO Solutions, a CRM partner in Quebec.

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