Taking Advantage of your Sales & Marketing Data in Dynamics CRM

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CRM Users have access to more data about their customers and prospects than ever before. The amount of information that is collected and tracked is growing exponentially for companies. Think about all the places you have valuable data sitting. Your back office software, CRM, paper files, spreadsheets, and more are all filled with valuable, insightful information that will help sales, marketing and customer services teams grow revenue, profits, customer satisfaction and overall experience.

But can you or your team leverage that valuable data to discover and track new opportunities? Do you have access to the insight you need to make the right decisions?

How would you respond to any of these questions?

  • How do I view or share my opportunity pipeline?
  • How long does it take to close our cases on average?
  • Which accounts should we target in our next marketing campaign?
  • What key metrics are we tracking and are we meeting our goals?

When seeking answers to these questions, do you know how to easily retrieve them yourself? Are you forced to seek the assistance of others? Or are you the one always getting this information for everyone else?

You might be also be saying “hold on” - with all this data where do I even start?

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM here are some important questions to ask when trying to tackle your data.

  • What metrics are important to the company, to the department, the team and the individual?
  • Does CRM have the data I need already? If not, is the data accessible from a system we can integrate with?
  • Who needs to see the data – Are we able to make them self-sufficient?
  • How, where and how often does this data need to be viewed?

In this video webcast, an on-demand recording from a presentation conducted at the Ledgeview Partners CRM Conference in Milwaukee, these questions are addressed by diving into four tools that will help you see your sales data in a whole new way within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Filters, Advanced Find, Personal Views
    • This is a great place to start, extremely popular and used daily by everyone here.
  • Charts
    • Who doesn’t love beautiful colorful charts! Great to use when you need a summary or totals quickly.
  • Dashboards
    • A perfect way to start off each day! Great for an easy to access view of your main metrics you review often (hourly, daily, weekly).
  • Reports
    • CRM reports are perfect when you have to group or summarize a lot of data, or if you need to utilize calculated fields.

Bonus - Going Beyond CRM with Power BI

If you are unfamiliar with Power BI, it is a cloud based service (separate subscription) that works with Excel to provide a complete self-service business intelligence (BI) solution. Power BI is an amazing tool when you need to go beyond CRM by combining data from multiple sources and need information mobile ready and accessible.

If you want to go beyond what you see here, give us a call at Ledgeview and our product experts would be more than happy to take you on a deep dive of CRM.

Watch the "See your Sales Data in a Whole New Way with Dynamics CRM" on-demand video.


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Blog Post by:
Chad R. Collett
Director of Marketing at Ledgeview Partners

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