For Smarter Marketing, Replace Spreadsheets with Maps

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If you are using spreadsheets for prospect-and-customer location data  or business intelligence, here is something to think about: Maps. And I don't mean fold-up or wall maps with pins for locations and sticky notes for customer data.


I am talking about "Geographic Information Systems"  GIS maps, compatible with CRM systems. That is because maps  let you better understand and use your information, more easily and quickly access and share data, and assure that your marketing and sales teams are always on the same page. Maps let you clearly see data relationships, trends, and patterns that often lie hidden in spreadsheet rows and columns.


Image of an Excel document and crm map
Data Display: Excel Spreadsheet versus a GIS Map.


The result: smarter and more profitable decisions.


By marketing with maps, you can:

(1) Focus on your most profitable customers and prospects and find more like them

(2) Optimize sales teams and territories

(3) Reduce sales-force travel time while increasing time with customers and prospects

(4) Discover new opportunities

(5) Easily create reports that are more meaningful for upper levels.


Perhaps you are aware of GIS maps but consider them expensive and/or difficult to learn and use. Not so. Today's high-tech mapping, integrated with CRM, are easier to use and you will get a good ROI by overcoming economic and competitive challenges.


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